June 30, 2023 2 min read

"Home is where the heart is" — a simple yet profound saying that embodies the essence of a 'heartfelt home'. A heartfelt home is a place that not only shelters but also nourishes your soul. It is a reflection of your individuality, your values, and your vision of life. And increasingly, in a world mindful of its ecological footprint, a heartfelt home is also a place that respects and embraces the environment.

The Concept of Ikigai

Enter Ikigai, a Japanese philosophy that translates loosely to "reason for being". Ikigai seeks to balance various aspects of life for happiness and fulfillment. It encompasses what you love, what the world needs, what you're good at, and what you can provide. Ikigai is typically connected with personal and career development, but it also extends to our living spaces. By integrating our passions, talents, values, and necessities into our homes, we create spaces that resonate deeply with us.

Applying Ikigai in Home Decor

Applying Ikigai to home decor can manifest in numerous ways. You might express your passion for art through curated artworks in your living room, or your love for nature might be reflected in indoor plants or a blossoming garden. Importantly, your Ikigai could also guide you towards more sustainable choices.

For example, if you find joy in cooking and consider it a strength, a well-equipped, aesthetically pleasing, and eco-friendly kitchen could enhance your home. This might mean investing in sustainable cookware or using beeswax food wraps, which not only reduce waste but also add a homely touch to your kitchen.

Creating a Joyful and Eco-friendly Space

The Heartfelt Home collection is built on the belief that our living spaces can spark joy, comfort us, and be mindful of our environment. This means incorporating elements into your home that not only bring happiness but also consider the earth.

For example, the kitchen, often considered the heart of the home, can become an arena of sustainable practices. Beeswax wraps instead of plastic cling wrap, reusable grocery bags, and energy-efficient appliances can all contribute to creating an eco-friendly kitchen. Even smaller, whimsical items like kitten chopstick rests can add an element of joy to everyday routines.

The Heartfelt Home collection is curated with items that can assist you in cultivating such a space in your home, one that caters to your physical needs while nourishing your soul and being kind to the environment. Explore our collection and find items that resonate with your concept of a heartfelt home.

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