May 26, 2023 3 min read

There’s a strong argument to be made that there’s no beverage more universally recognized or enjoyed than coffee. It's the morning starter, the afternoon refresher, the late-night collaborator, and often a conversation starter. But have you ever wondered how this ubiquitous drink is consumed in different parts of the world? In this piece, we're exploring the unique and fascinating coffee rituals around the globe.

Ethiopia – The Birthplace of Coffee

The journey begins in Ethiopia, the birthplace of coffee. Here, coffee is more than just a drink; it's a ceremony, a symbol of hospitality, respect, and friendship. It starts with roasting green coffee beans in a pan over a fire, a process that fills the room with an enticing aroma. Once the beans are roasted to perfection, they're ground and brewed in a traditional pot called a 'jebena'. This brew is then served in small cups in a ritual that can last several hours, a testament to the importance of taking time to enjoy the nuances of the coffee and the company you're with.

Italy – The Land of Espresso

In Italy, coffee is a way of life, and 'la pausa caffe', or 'the coffee break', is an essential part of the day. Here, coffee is traditionally consumed in small, strong shots known as espresso, sipped at the bar counter in local cafés. The iconic cappuccino, frothy and rich, is a breakfast favorite, but traditionally only consumed until 11 am. In the world of Italian coffee, simplicity and quality reign supreme.

Turkey – Coffee as Destiny

In Turkey, coffee has a mystical quality. The preparation of Turkish coffee is an art form, involving finely ground coffee beans brewed in a unique pot called a 'cezve'. It’s then poured unfiltered into small cups, and the thick layer of sludgy grounds left at the bottom are often used for fortune-telling. To be invited to someone’s home for a cup of Turkish coffee signifies a special bond of friendship and respect.

Sweden – Fika Time

In Sweden, coffee isn't just a drink, but a social institution known as 'fika'. More than just a coffee break, fika is a moment to slow down, socialize, and enjoy some pastries alongside your cup of coffee. It’s not uncommon for Swedes to pause for fika several times a day, highlighting the importance of taking time to rest and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Cuba – A Sweet Shot

Cuban coffee, or 'café Cubano', is a shot of coffee served with a sugar layer. It’s sweet, intense, and traditionally consumed in one go. Similar to Italy, coffee in Cuba is a social experience often shared with friends and family. Café Cubano serves as a strong caffeinated thread weaving through the fabric of daily life.

As we journey through these unique coffee cultures around the world, it becomes clear that coffee is much more than just a beverage. It's a connector, a ritual, and a vessel for storytelling. It allows us to understand and connect with different cultures, all united by a shared love for this complex and comforting drink.

Melbourne's Coffee Culture: The Magic and Flat White

As a resident in Melbourne, Australia I would be remiss in not acknowledging that it boasts a rich coffee culture, with cafés serving high-quality, freshly roasted beans that locals and tourists alike relish. The city's café scene has its roots in the post-World War II influx of Italian and Greek immigrants, who brought their coffee appreciation with them.

Two  coffee drinks stand out in Melbourne's coffee scene: the Flat White and the Magic. A Flat White, a staple of Australian and New Zealand coffee culture, offers a perfect balance of coffee and microfoamed milk, creating a smooth, rich coffee flavor.

The Magic, a Melbourne specialty, is a double ristretto topped with steamed milk served in a smaller cup. This provides a strong, full-bodied coffee taste that isn't overwhelming, thanks to the balanced coffee-to-milk ratio.

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