Portable Espresso Machine

Experience the joy of brewing your own espresso wherever you go with our portable Hand Press Coffee Maker. Designed for coffee enthusiasts who refuse to compromise on quality, this lightweight and easy-to-use hand press ensures that you can savor your favorite grind no matter where your adventures take you.

While this Hand Press Coffee Maker may not deliver the true crema of a high-pressure pump, it allows you to craft your own coffee with your preferred grind, providing an unparalleled taste experience. Compact and stylish, it's the perfect solution for those who want to enjoy their favorite brew on the go. Never settle for subpar coffee during your travels again with this convenient and practical Hand Press Coffee Maker.


  • Capacity: 120ml
  • Coffee Pot Type: Coffee Hand Press
  • Materials: PP/304 Stainless Steel/Silicon and plastic case
  • Height: 196mm
  • Upper Diameter: 55mm
  • Lower Diameter: 58mm
  • Coffee Powder Capacity: 10g
  • Color: Black

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