Asanoha Furoshiki

Introducing the "Asanoha Furoshiki," a multi-purpose handkerchief and wrapping cloth that combines functionality and style with a touch of traditional Japanese aesthetics. This 70cm x 70cm Furoshiki features the iconic Asanoha pattern, symbolizing hemp leaves, and is crafted from 100% high-quality cotton for a soft, durable, and eco-friendly alternative to disposable materials. Choose from two vibrant color options: blue or red.

The Asanoha pattern is characterized by its distinctive six-pointed star geometric design, representing the resilient and fast-growing hemp plant. Historically, hemp was an essential textile material in Japan before the introduction of cotton, and it became a symbol of vigor, resistance, and healthy growth. With its meaningful heritage, the Asanoha pattern was often used for baby and children's fabrics, expressing hopes for their strong and thriving development.

Our "Asanoha Furoshiki" is not only a fashionable accessory but also a practical choice for various applications, such as wrapping bento lunch boxes or as a stylish table mat or pad. The printed cotton fabric ensures a premium feel and lasting quality, making it an ideal eco-friendly alternative to single-use materials.

Bring the enduring charm and symbolism of the Asanoha pattern into your daily life with this exquisite Furoshiki wrapping cloth. Its versatile nature makes it perfect for gifting, home décor, or personal use, while the rich cultural history adds depth and significance to its beauty. Available in both blue and red, embrace the art of Furoshiki with the "Asanoha Furoshiki," and enjoy the countless creative possibilities this unique Japanese wrapping cloth has to offer.


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