French Butter Keeper

Introducing our Porcelain Butter Keeper, the perfect solution to keep your butter spreadable and fresh. This butter keeper uses an old-school method that ensures your butter stays at room temperature, ready to spread whenever you need it.

Just follow three simple steps: Pour cold water into the base, pack the lid with softened butter, and replace the lid onto the base. Your butter is now ready to use, sealed to maintain its taste and freshness.

This butter keeper can easily hold a stick or cube (1/2 cup or 125g) of soft butter, making it practical and suitable for family use. If you have a big family, consider buying two units.

Our butter keeper is made of top professional ceramics (and glass in one style) for food use, promoting a healthy kitchen. It's lead-free, non-toxic, and dishwasher-safe. Choose from an exclusive embossed Cafe retro "butter" with a shiny Navy finish, a clear glass container, or an unembossed blue or green - a highlight of your kitchen or dining table.

Remember to keep the lid clean and dry before use. Adding a little salt or vinegar to the water will help keep it fresh without affecting the taste of butter. Brush once a day or every 2-3 days to keep your butter fresh for a month. Please keep the butter keeper away from the heat source and avoid direct sunlight.

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