Tsuru Furoshiki

A stunning and multi-purpose Japanese wrapping cloth that combines elegance and tradition. Measuring 90x90cm, this larger-than-standard Furoshiki offers a variety of creative uses for your everyday needs. Made from high-quality polyester material, this Furoshiki is perfect for wrapping bento lunch boxes, serving as a table mat, or adding a touch of sophistication to your gift wrapping.

Featuring a captivating Tsuru (Japanese crane) design, this Furoshiki embodies the grace and beauty of these revered birds. The crane symbolizes longevity, good fortune, and, when depicted in pairs, represents a strong and happy marriage. The intricately detailed pattern captures the essence of this majestic creature and brings a sense of harmony and prosperity to any setting.

Experience the art and tradition of Furoshiki with the "Tsuru Furoshiki Handkerchief" and explore the countless ways it can enhance your daily life. From home décor to practical applications, this Japanese wrapping cloth offers endless creative possibilities for both personal use and gifting. Embrace the elegance and cultural significance of the "Tsuru Furoshiki Handkerchief," and let its timeless beauty inspire joy and serenity in your life.


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