Uchiwa Furoshiki

An enchanting 70cm x 70cm Japanese-style wrapping cloth inspired by the beauty of traditional Japanese fans. This eco-friendly and reusable Furoshiki offers a unique and elegant way to wrap your belongings, while also reducing waste and embracing sustainability.

Our "Uchiwa Furoshiki" is skillfully crafted from 100% high-strength cotton fabric, ensuring durability, ease of use, and a luxurious feel. The exquisite brocade fabric features a printed design that evokes the grace and charm of Japanese art and culture, making it an excellent choice for gifting, home décor, or personal accessory needs.

The generous 70cm x 70cm dimensions provide ample versatility for various wrapping techniques and possibilities. Immerse yourself in the art of Furoshiki with the "Uchiwa Furoshiki" wrapping cloth, and appreciate the elegance of Japanese culture. This remarkable Furoshiki design makes a thoughtful gift for art enthusiasts, Japanophiles, or anyone who values the ageless appeal of traditional Japanese aesthetics.

Beyond its primary use as a wrapping cloth, the "Uchiwa Furoshiki" can also serve as a fashionable handkerchief, infusing your daily attire with a touch of Japanese sophistication. Enhance your gifting, decorating, and accessorizing experiences with the "Uchiwa Furoshiki" and discover the boundless potential of this beautiful Japanese wrapping cloth, all while making an eco-conscious choice through its reusable nature.

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